Making images from a slab of clay
A slab of stoneware clay is rolled out about 1/4" thick in a wooden frame.
The clay is left to come to a "leather hard" consistency.
While the slab is drying, colored slips are made using powdered China clay and colored water soluble pigments such as mono-printing inks, chalks, mason stains. Anything without a drying agent.
The colored slips can be brushed directly on the slab or put on newsprint and rolled into the surface of the slab. The colors and designs are layered one over another building the design with images,colors and textures.
Once you are satisfied with the design a slightly moistened sheet of paper or material is placed over the slab or section of slab that you are pulling a design from.
Pressure is applied using a pizza roller, brayer or spoon.
The pressure lifts/transfers a thin layer of the clay onto the substrate and creates a unique print.
Each time a print is made it reveals colors and patterns that were hidden as the colors were applied and layered.
The material I use is a synthetic waterproof spun material that holds the clay particles.